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Learning with the right teacher is very important. 
 I am sure you have met many different teachers in you life, some who had that spark in their eyes and the ability to inspire you to help you to easily achieve your goals, they had a passion and drive when doing what they loved -TEACHING. If you would like to study with someone like that again – you have found the perfect place :) It is possible to learn and have fun at the same time !!! DON'T BELIVE ME ?please watch this video :) - THEY ARE ALL TEACHERS

The right teacher will show you the shortest way to achieve your goals.

English Andrew

I am interested by linguistics and I teach English . I teach a variety of ages for a variety of purposes from wanting to pass an exam to our annual summer school and conversational English. I have a Politics degree, a teaching qualification and CELTA (Cambridge University Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages) enabling me to teach adults. Learning language to me is as much about culture as it is about grammar. Find your passion develop your language skills studying it. I look forward to meeting you

English, Polish & German Anna

Polish native speaker. Master Degree in English Studies, Bachelor's Degree in English Philology, Bachelor's Degree in German Philology.I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher with over 10 years working experience.I Gained my teaching education in Poland. I worked as TEFL teacher in Poland for 6 years. I arrived in England in year 2012 and have been developing my teaching skills with students from various countries, age groups and backgrounds here in Blackpool. As a teacher I am demanding but patient as well. I encourage my students to think in English which helps them start speaking a foreign language quicker.

Italian Catia

Ciao! My name is Catia and I am originally from Sardinia, Italy. I am a confident polyglot with a degree in English Language, Literature and Creative Writing. I am professional, friendly and very passionate about my native language and about Italian culture. Learning a language is a fascinating, fun and rewarding experience. Would you like to learn Italian or brush up your conversation skills in Italian? So why not book a completely free taster lesson?

Chinese Chan Sui Ting

I completed my undergraduate degree in Hong Kong. I then taught English and Putonghua (Mandarin) in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions there. After completing an MA in London, I started teaching Chinese as a foreign language (Putonghua and Cantonese) at the Hong Kong British Council and an international school in Hong Kong. While teaching in Hong Kong, Sui-Ting I have also completed training programmes in language teaching at HK British Council, Beijing Language and Culture University and International House Saffron Walden. In 2002 Sui-Ting I completed a Diploma of Education with a component of teaching language other than English in Melbourne Australia. I had taught Chinese at different language schools in Melbourne since 2005. I am a firm believer of communicative language teaching and incorporating real life language materials in teaching and learning. I Have lived in Asia, Australia and the middle-East.

Managing Director Dee

I love what I do. I am a qualified teacher and interpreter . I did my master degree in International relations. I have a great passion for languages and that makes my lessons better.My students are challenged and make progress in no time enjoying themselves at the same time :) My technique is to make sure my students get plenty of practice in actually speaking the language during the lessons – that way they are more likely to be confident about speaking it when they are abroad. https://calendly.com/info-6097/english-lesson-dee

German Italian English Kavin

I am passionate, patient and creative. I believe that learning should be exciting and enjoyable. When you are learning you are creating a new and better self!

Spanish, French, English Liz

Hi my name is Liz and I am a Spanish, French and English tutor. I've always had a passion for learning languages and I am keen to pass this on to others. When I teach initially, I work on increasing vocabulary, then build up to answering simple questions and structuring sentences. To keep lessons fun, I vary activities, for instance by reading news articles and watching videos. Discussions become more in depth as students advance. My job allows me to meet the fantastic students, who come from many different countries. I enjoy seeing them progress from knowing a few basic phrases, to being able to converse confidently. I bring out the best in my students with lots of encouragement and praise.>

French Mégane

My name is Mégane, a native French speaker with a lot of enthusiasm to help you to take your language skills to the next level. . I have always had a passion for language and an appreciation for the benefits of being multilingual, and would relish the opportunity to share this with those eager to learn, all through the benefits of technology we get to enjoy today. I like entertainment so I mainly teach with colorful illustrations and videos supports. It does not matter what your level is; I am going to support you to advance in my beautiful language. Together! We are going to obtain the skills that you need to feel confident to express yourself in French. …My lessons are fun and engaging . It will feel like a chat with a friend .

French Debora

My name is Debra and I am French tutor . In the last years I decided to focus on teaching on Skype, Zoom, Facebook or even Whatsapp– where you can study from the comfort and privacy of your own home. As a native speaker I can demonstrate all the latest slang, colloquial expressions and casual language quirks that you wouldn't hear otherwise. I can also point out your mistakes and give you tips to sound more natural. Learning French with native speaker sets you up with new friends and great memories.

Spanish, English Oliver

Hi, my name is Oliver! I qualified as a teacher of English as a foreign language 8 years ago. Learning is effective when it is fun, so my lessons are carefully planned with this in mind, whilst also considering a students’ unique personality to ensure an approach which is personally suitable and I usually finish with a game that evinces and/or consolidates the learning for that lesson/topic.

English, German, French Peter

I have MA (Hons) German with French from Edinburgh University. I have also completed various courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).Languages give me the greatest pleasure, and I have been a teacher of English, French and German at all levels for many decades, locally, as well as in Keswick, Munich and Casablanca, in private language schools as well as in state schools. Now I am focused on private tutoring and I am pleased to say that my students so far have achieved good examination results in the new French and German GCSE examinations, which have proved to be daunting for many students. I have also helped students of both French and German to prepare for their A-levels, and in post A-level studies and refresher courses. I also enjoy the challenge of preparing students for English examinations needed for academic or professional purposes, like the Cambridge examinations all the way to Proficiency level and IELTS, usually up to level 7. Here, again, the students’ results have been good. I like to think that I adapt my teaching well to the needs of the situation and of the individual student, which is the real benefit of one-to-one or small group teaching. I am glad to say that goals can be achieved without having to be serious all the time. Even more challenging, but just as enjoyable, is teaching beginners, who sometimes have almost no prior knowledge of the language, in which case it is very rewarding to see the progress they make in becoming more able to communicate with locals on holidays abroad, and in some cases preparing for early-stage examinations, like the permanent right to remain English language test. Some of my foreign language students enjoy their weekly lesson with a friend as a social event with a purpose, which can be as hilarious as it is educational. I hope you can join us. If you are faced with a school language examination that you are concerned about, or cannot make progress in part of an English test which you need to pass for professional purposes, please do not leave it until the last minute. Skills take time to develop, and progress starts slowly at first, then accelerates. We can help you if you allow us the time to do so.

Portuguese Teresa

Hello there! I am Teresa, I am a portuguese Teacher (with a bachelor and a master degree) and I live in Portugal- a beautiful country with beautiful beaches;) Feel free to have a lesson with me, I am sure you will enjoy it. Abraço,

English Tuition Wendy

Specialist Teacher for Specific Learning Difficulties:

GCSE English Tuition, GCSE Mathematics Tuition, SATs Booster Sessions

I have worked with students for over 15 years with a wide range of learning abilities and differences. I have worked in various settings which include FE, HE, SEN schools, alternative provision and privately. I am also the holder of the prestigious 2018 Training and Coaching EVA Award for The North of England.

I provide specialist support for those studying GCSE courses in Mathematics and English and to those preparing for SATs examinations. I also assist students with Specific Learning Difficulties and help them develop new skills and strategies to enable them to progress with their studies and achieve. The most common SpLDs are dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. An individual may have one of these independently or they can co-exist as part of a wider profile.

As a Specialist Teacher, I primarily use multi-sensory methods to support and teach learners and to help them develop independent learning and study skills with confidence. I have worked with children and adults and am able to detect learning differences, such as visual stress, which can have a profound effect on a child or an adult. My gentle approach and understanding of various teaching approaches for learning enables me to deliver sessions which are planned correctly for the individual. My teaching qualifications and personal attributes have demonstrated that I am a caring, determined professional, who works to high standards. I have the dedication it takes to engage young and mature people in education and make a difference to their lives and their studying.

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